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Quick Answer: Wvu coliseum parking?

Where do you park for WVU basketball games?

Gameday parking will be free and available on a first-come, first-served basis in the WVU Coliseum and Natatorium parking lots beginning 90 minutes prior to the game.

Is WVU parking free on weekends?

With the exception of 24-hour- restricted lots and short-term lots, no permit is required in WVU lots on official University holidays and weekends. Additionally, the University contracts with the Mountain Line bus service to provide free public transportation on Mountain Line routes with a valid WVU ID.

How much is a parking permit at WVU?

Annual rates range from $252 for gravel lots to $366 for paved lots. See the Permit Rate Schedule for current information. Visit Citation Payments for more information about paying citations online, citation rates and the appeal system.

Can you take food into WVU stadium?

Guests with prohibited bags or food /beverages cannot enter.

Can freshmen have cars at WVU?

We discourage bringing a car to campus for first-time freshman students who are not commuting. However, our policy does permit first-time students to have a car. To be eligible to purchase a parking permit, students must be registered for fall class and have completed their new student orientation.

How do I pay a parking ticket at WVU?

If you need assistance, contact the ITS Service Desk at 304-293-4444. Manage your Login account at login.

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Is WVU a dry campus?

Alcohol sales are booming, riots have formed, and a select number of students come here just to party and drink. However, West Virginia University continues to identify as a “ dry campus ” because they claim they don’t sell alcohol directly on campus.

Is West Virginia allowing fans?

West Virginia will limit attendance to 1,000 fans due to the coronavirus pandemic. Priority will be given to families and guests of the players and coaching staffs, along with some WVU students and fans, the athletic department said Saturday in a news release. There will be no public sale of tickets.

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