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Quick Answer: Hampton roads coliseum?

What’s going on at the Hampton Coliseum?

Events & Tickets American Red Cross Blood Drive. Mar 10, 2021. More Info. POSTPONED: The Millennium Tour 2021. Mar 21, 2021. More Info Buy Tickets. A Mother’s Holiday Celebration. May 7, 2021. More Info Buy Tickets. Excision 2020 Tour feat. The Evolution. Jul 2 – 3, 2021. FIRST Chesapeake Robotics Championship. Apr 8 – 9, 2022.

How old is the Hampton Coliseum?

How big is the Hampton Coliseum?

The Hampton Coliseum offers 84,827 unobstructed square feet with a 26,263 square foot arena floor and a 70-foot ceiling.

What is there to do in Hampton Roads today?

Top Attractions in Hampton Fort Monroe’s Casemate Museum. 529 reviews. Museums. Virginia Air & Space Center. 526 reviews. Bluebird Gap Farm. 155 reviews. Fort Monroe National Monument. 205 reviews. Buckroe Beach and Park. 405 reviews. Sandy Bottom Nature Park. 112 reviews. Hampton University. 59 reviews. Hampton Coliseum. 118 reviews.

Who plays at the Hampton Coliseum?

How many does Hampton Coliseum hold?

Does Hampton VA have a beach?

Outlook Beach Surrounded by water on all sides, the Fort Monroe beaches extend for miles and offer some of the best views in all of the Chesapeake Bay. Outlook Beach, Fort Monroe’s public beach, is the perfect place for swimming, sunning, and relaxing, open sunrise to sunset.

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Is Hampton VA Safe?

While no community is crime free, the City of Hampton maintains a crime rate that is well below the national average for a city of comparable size. Additionally Hampton’s crime rate is far below the averages for other cities in the Tidewater area.

What is Hampton VA famous for?

Hampton traces its history to the city’s Old Point Comfort, the home of Fort Monroe for almost 400 years, which was named by the 1607 voyagers, led by Captain Christopher Newport, who first established Jamestown as an English colonial settlement.

Hampton, Virginia
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