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Often asked: Rome coliseum tour?

What is the best tour of the Colosseum?

Here are 15 Colosseum tours that should top your list whenever you find yourself in Rome. Skip the Line: Colosseum and Ancient Rome Walking Tour. Colosseum, Roman Forum and Palatine Hill Package. Colosseum, Forum & Ancient Rome Skip-the-Line Guided Tour. Skip-the-Line Colosseum Guided Tour.

How much does it cost to tour the Colosseum in Rome?

Admission fees for the Colosseum in Rome are as follows: The Colosseum Tickets for adults cost 12 euros. There is a reduced fee for EU-citizens aged between 18 and 25. Teenagers and children under 18, as well as handicapped persons and their assistant are free.

How long does it take to tour the Colosseum in Rome?

How long will it take to visit the Colosseum? It will take around 1 hour to visit the Colosseum by yourself, which also includes enough time to take some photos, and of course, selfies. Guided tours usually last between an hour and a half and an hour and forty five minutes.

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Should I buy Colosseum tickets in advance?

Although you can do this at the Colosseum Ticket Office, it is sensible to do this online in advance because otherwise there is no way of securing your preferred date and time. The standard admission ticket covers all three monuments, the Colosseum, Roman Forum and Palatine Hill.

Is it worth going underground at the Colosseum?

The two levels that are open to the public do not provide as much of the great feeling of woe that the underground, and the third floor, do. All in all, this tour is definitely worth the money, and it made our visit to the Colosseum substantially more enjoyable.

Do I need a guided tour of Colosseum?

No one ” needs” a guided tour to see Rome or Vatican City. And, you do not need a guided tour to “skip the line” at the Colosseum or the Vatican Museums. Instead, you can just buy entry tickets online at the Vatican Museums and Colosseum official websites.

Is Rome a walkable city?

Cheap public transportation at 1.50eur for bus or Metro makes Rome an easy city to travel place to place. Walk or ride to a place you want to visit and then walk or ride towards other attractions along a route back to your hotel.

Is Rome Expensive?

Rome is rightfully at the top of almost every visitor’s list. Rome is also one of the more expensive cities in Europe but there are still plenty of ways to cut down on your travel expenses.

Can you do the Colosseum and Vatican in one day?

Yes, you can visit the Vatican and the Colosseum on the same day, but I don’t recommend it as a first choice.

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Can you walk from Vatican to Colosseum?

It’s about 2.5 miles to walk from the Colosseum to the Vatican. I wouldn’t do it considering that you also want to have some time for lunch. You can take the metro or take a taxi to save time. It would be about 6-7 Euro for the trip.

What is the best time to visit Colosseum?

So, to sum up, the best times to visit the colosseum to avoid crowds, and also for your own comfort, are: In low season months, from November through February (except for the Christmas and New Year holidays). Mid-week if you can. At 8:30am when it first opens. One hour before last entry.

How far away is the Vatican from the Colosseum?

The distance between Vatican and Colosseum is 3 km.

Can you buy tickets for the Colosseum on the day?

Whenever you buy tickets to the Colosseum, regardless of which one you get, you ‘ll get a pass for the Roman Forum. Colosseum tickets usually include a visit to the Roman Forum and the Palatine Hill. And since the ticket has a 48 hours validity, you don’t even have to visit both on the same day.

Can you bring water bottles into the Colosseum?

Visitors are not allowed to enter with glass bottles, sprays, knives (even small ones) or scissors. Plastic water bottles are permitted, however, and we recommend bringing them to fill up at the fountains inside the Colosseum.

How do you skip the line in the Colosseum?

How to skip the line at the Colosseum Buy a Colosseum entrance ticket from a reseller. Buy a Colosseum entrance ticket for €24 from a reseller (or for €30 with arena floor access). Buy tickets from the official Colosseum website. Book a small-group guided tour. Book a private guided tour. Use a Discount / Tourist Card.

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