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Often asked: Golden coliseum paper mario?

How do you beat Iggy in Paper Mario?

Squeeze the Thing Card out, and head back into the arena. Just battle Iggy like normal, and once he and his minions jump into their chariots, wait one turn then unleash the Bone card on them. Everything after that should be easy. Check back with Twinfinite for more tips, tricks, and guides on Paper Mario: Color Splash.

How do you get the bone in paper splash in Paper Mario?

On the ledge outside the first level of the stands you’ll notice a spot where there are two blocks that fall when you step on them with two Fuzzies patrolling the area. Let the block to the left without spikes under it drop you, then walk left. Finding the Bone from this point on is easy.

How do you get the bottle opener in Paper Mario?

The Bottle Opener is a Thing in Paper Mario: Color Splash. It is found within the artillery area in the Golden Coliseum, alongside the Ice Pick.

How do you get the bottle opener in color splash?

You’ll be on the left of a wall while a sneaky Goomba will be on the right of the wall. You fell on the wrong side BUT through the door on the left are two more things to be squeezed into Thing Cards: the Ice Pick and the Bottle Opener. Grab them and hold onto them for later.

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Where is the staff room in Paper Mario?

To find the staff room in Shogun Studios you’ll need to head to the eastern part of the map. We’ve circled the exact area below, but it’s basically to the right of the courtyard with the reed-breathing ninjas in it. You just need to hit the green wall here to gain access.

Where is the ice pick in Paper Mario color splash?

The Ice Pick is a Thing in Paper Mario: Color Splash. It is found within the artillery area in The Golden Coliseum, alongside the Bottle Opener.

How do you get the red paint star in Kiwano Temple?

In short, go through the entire Kiwano Temple just like you did for the first Mini Star, but before you grab the it, step on the area beneath it start lowering the lava. Hop back onto the moving platform and it’ll take you down to the red Mini Star.

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