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Kingdom hearts coliseum cups?

How do you beat Hercules Cup in Kingdom Hearts?

When Hercules is glowing yellow, he’s invincible. Wait until he stops to admire his muscles, then hit a barrel at him. The barrel removes the yellow glow, making him vulnerable. You do not have to wait for him to admire his muscles, but it is the time you are most likely to hit him.

What do you get for beating the Hades cup?

After the cup, Phil puts up the trophy in the Lobby. There is a boss in every tenth seed, and after defeating each boss, your progress is saved so that you can continue from that seed even if you lose the cup. The Hades Cup also reappears as a mandatory tournament in Kingdom Hearts II, during Sora’s second visit.

What level should I be for Hades cup?

I’d say you should enter the Hades Cup when you’re level 60 and up. I entered when I was around level 55, and it proved to be pretty hard. So get an advantage and try to enter when you’re 60.

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How do you beat the Hades cup?

When he is red continue to move away from him until he is about to throw his fire ball. You can then GUARD it back at him to make him dizzy. When he spins with the fire wall you can just lock on to him and run around with it to prevent damage.

What level should I be for Hercules Cup?

You should have no problems beating the whole game as long as you’re at least level 40.

Is gravity break good?

Gravity Break can be nice on a big target like a Defender if it goes off early, but it won’t kill (unless you have enough Str to 2-shot it anyway), so if it goes off late it just wasted time. All the non- Gravity ones are at least equal to your standard finishers (Str+4) in damage.

What is the best Keyblade in Kingdom Hearts?

Kingdom Hearts: The 5 Best Keyblades (& The 5 Worst) 1 Best: Ultima Weapon. The Ultima Weapon is widely regarded as the most powerful weapon in the Kingdom Hearts franchise. 2 Worst: Sweet Memories. 3 Best: The X-Blade. 4 Worst: Umbrella. 5 Best: Unbound. 6 Worst: Sweetstack. 7 Best: Oathkeeper and Oblivion. 8 Worst: Shooting Star.

What level should you be for Hollow Bastion?

At Hollow Bastion, around 45-50. End game around 60 since this is your first run-through, any lower might prove difficult depending on your abilities.

How do you beat Hades in Hades Cup in Kingdom Hearts?

Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX Hades Cup Bosses: Hades Just keep whittling him down by using Blizzard to negate his fire-based attacks and Ars Arcanum. Keep drilling into Hades until he finally collapses, and you’ll be rewarded with upgraded Gravity magic and Ansem’s Report 8.

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How do you grind in Kingdom Hearts?

In Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts Final Mix, the best way to gain experience is through juggling Rare Truffles; they give a large amount of experience. After 100 juggles, the player should gain 5050 experience.

How do I start the Hades cup?

Complete the Phil Cup, Pegasus Cup, and Hercules Cup, and lock the Keyhole at Hollow Bastion. Unlocked after finishing the second visit to Hollow Bastion. The Hades Cup is the fourth and longest-running tournament at Olympus Coliseum in Kingdom Hearts.

How do you unlock Hades Paradox Cup?

All Drive Forms and Summons must be on level 7 in both II and Final Mix. To unlock the cup you have to complete Space Paranoids for the second time.

How do you get the Trinity limit in Kingdom Hearts 1?

Kingdom Hearts Birth by SleepEdit Terra, Ventus, and Aqua can purchase Trinity Limit from the Mirage Arena Medal Shop for 1400 Arena Medals once the player reach an Arena level of 1.

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